All our car interior designs and projects are the effect of the long years of hard work of our ambitious design team with the objective to create the most unique design concepts. Every day we try to cross the line in setting new objectives and solutions in order to give "new life" to another car interior. We are aware of the importance of the "comfort zone" in your vehicle and how dear it is to you, therefore we try to synthesis your dreams and expectations along with our experience and creative vein.



Carlex Design



Our main aim is to develop the most unique car interiors starting from a draft ending on complete project realization. In our designs we always want to show the individual character of car owner and his car, far beyond the offer of car manufacturers.


We always raise the bar when it comes to: unceasing innovations, fresh ideas along with ideal craftsmanship delivering a perfect finish. Motorization still remains our passion, the love for beauty and esthetics drives us towards a dream, a dream to create new paths and participate in the making of new trends in the design of car interiors – We fully dedicate ourselves to that.


Remarkable design, high quality of service and wide range of first-rate materials – These are the Company’s principles, we implement in each and every project.



Konrad Łabędź  Designer



Maks Designer



Mateusz Designer



Robert Designer



Katarzyna Bodrzyńska Designer



Magda Designer




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Carlex Design
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