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Unique designs and their realizations, which are proudly created by Carlex Design brand embody our passion for beauty, exceptional precious materials and incredible precision of workmanship. We touch all areas inducing high emotions, confirming our belief that we produce something truly remarkable . Each project is a response to the individual needs of our clients, during which countless resources of creativity and skills of its creators are released. Each design is created with a real passion and with the participation of craftsmen with the highest skills , who we proudly call artists.

When the value of such an object is growing every day. If its value is affected by its uniqueness, beauty and craftsmanship, origin, or even the history of ownership, then we are talking not only about its artistic values, but also the collector's values. This is how we perceive our automotive jewellery, where extraordinary goods go to extraordinary people.

Podpis - Damian Skotnicki

Damian Skotnicki
The Owner


On behalf of Carlex Design company We would like to inform you that all the leathers used by Carlex Design in car interiors’ implementations possess all necessary and required by law certificates. Especially when it comes to the leathers sourced from animals not considered as farmed, each and every supplier that cooperates with Carlex Design is required to provide appropriate paperwork to certify their origin based on the applicable European law regulations.

Rolls-Royce Abyss Hellcat Ministeam