Automotive Jewellery

Collector's keys are made with utmost care using precious metals, gemstones and the most exotic leathers.

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Customization and
refinement of car keys

Introducing new, exciting and luxurious service of customisation and refinement of car keys.

Petrolhead are aware, or noticed, that car keys of most expensive cars does not constitute logical and quality match for the rest of the car.

Plastic bodies, rubber covered surfaces, logotypes from steel imitations, or buttons from fake silver, are only a few of weak spots, typical for premium car brands keys.

Range Rover

Custom Car Key

Carlex Design, will design and produce custom car keys, using precious metals, rare leathers and gemstones.

Sample car key for Range Rover was made with highest attention to detail. Buttons are made of 24k gold plate, side of the key was casted in gold, while rest is covered with green snake leather.

This beautiful and prestigious car key will be perfect match of premium vehicle, as well as elegant details of owner's clothing.

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