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Jewellery atelier

The implementation of projects of unprecedented scale and extremely high degree of complexity requires the availability of appropriate resources. Only possession of a special workshop that would move the existing boundaries, earasing some of them completely, can guaranteed this.
We have built such an unusual place ...

It is an interdisciplinary craftsmen workshop that allows work with various materials that are treated with respect to the rules of ancient art, according to historical, generally forgotten technologies.

If we care about the uniqueness as well as widely and broadly understood quality (not only formally measured in microns) then the traditional handicraft techniques will not have a decent alternatives for a long time (or perhaps never...) . Because the hands are the most perfect mediator between man - his spirit, desires and ideas he creates - and the surrounding matter. And only such a mode, in which these hands directly affect the reality, can be called art. Alternative solutions, which interfere these primary relationships through the exclusive use of machines, can no longer be defined using this term.

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The uniqueness of created projects is the result of an unusual precision applied while making each and every part in our workshop. Handmade by the experienced jewellers, they affect both sense of sight and touch.

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The main activity of the workshop includes the processing of precious metals - the famous big three: gold, silver and platinum. However, our capabilities go far beyond the typical goldsmith's workshop because we are also willing to work with metals that have become the building blocks for the automotive industry - aluminum, quality steels, titanium.

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