We specialise in the design and manufacture of limited series of vehicles for the automotive sector. The demand for an individual and unique design, tailored to meet the users’ needs, is currently one of the key factors that makes the offer of car manufacturers and dealers stand out in the market.


We offer our customers the comprehensive process of creating limited editions of cars, starting from the analysis of the demand of a specific market, through professional inimitable design and prototyping, to the final production of car interiors and external styling elements: body kits, or wrapping.

In our work, we use a variety of duly certified automotive fabrics and materials, and employ the latest technology. All this serves to provide our customers with flawless quality, competitive prices, and timeliness of project realisation.


Certification Both Carlex Design and the materials used to manufacture the limited editions of car interiors meet the ISO 9001:2015-10 standards. Moreover, depending on a specific type, the leather and other materials have certificates proving their quality, e.g.:


Confidence in Textiles


SA 8000


ISO 14001


Certified management system IQ NET

Our products undergo cyclic safety tests conducted by the PIMOT Automotive Industry Institute. They all serve to ascertain compliance with the relevant European regulations. We are in the course of the ISO/TS certification proceedings.