Mercedes C43 AMG
by Carlex Design
The history of the model MB C450 / 43 AMG 3.0 Biturbo 367 KM (stock) 2016 4MATIC is interesting, because the car has undergone profound changes and we can say it has been pampered in every inch. Initially, the car had the following serial parameters: 367 hp and 520 Nm and the acceleration was 5.1 sec. / 100km. After two months, the car was first modified. The power was increased to 425 hp and 550 Nm, which significantly improved the performance - not so much in acceleration, but in maintaining the stability of the speed increase from 120-250km / h. 
Mercedes G-Class
by Carlex Design
Mercedes G-Class is originally a military vehicle top-ranked among the most in-demand cars since 1979. Though the times have changed, the car’s combat DNA has remained the same. The car’s rough, bulky silhouette is its characteristic feature, and the improved performance of this 4x4 off-roader, together with its agility, are really impressive. Especially after the conversion by Brabus.
Yamaha V-Max 1700
A diabolic queen in a silver robe
Yamaha V-Max 1700 is a bold and devilishly powerful queen in the family of motorcy-cles, made for real enthusiasts, and those who can tame the machine in tough mo-ments on the road. We took great care working on the V-Max 1700, as it is a true legend that has been conquering hearts of motorcycle fans for years. In Carlex Design, there is no space for half measures, so we went for jewellery solutions with a hint of pertness.
New patterns
by Carlex Design
Exceptional design is one of our top priorities. Our designers constantly develop new patterns that are subsequently implemented in our unique vehicle interior realisations. Due to the fact that each vehicle has its own special character, creating new patterns is not only about aesthetics, but also a complex and thorough analysis of many important factors, whose result is a design both marking the car's qualities, and standing out among conventional solutions.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
by Carlex Design
In its original version, Berlinetta impresses with her performance and perfect body design, so Carlex Design’s modification was just about harmonious completion. The eye-catching yellow inserts in the seats, the piping, and the thick seams perfectly correspond with the paint of the car. If you take a closer look, you will notice that these additions have been meticulously planned: they do not dominate the rest of the interior, but slightly underline its geometric and sporty character.
Mercedes Sprinter Business Van
A luxurious office and apartment on the road!
For most of us, business travel and the necessity to be mobile are a chore which we would rather minimise, if we only could. What if a vehicle interior could become a comfortable and exclusive place, or a cosy spot where we could get ready for important business negotiations, relax watching a movie, or cherish a glass of champagne with a bunch of guests? Try and picture a beautiful and luxury setting… This is exactly what has inspired us to create a unique interior of the Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van: the thought of a mobile office that could easily get converted into an exclusive living room.
When the latest Cadillac Escalade entered the Carlex Design workshop, it crossed our mind that we could give vent to our deepest reservoir of imagination, as the Escalade is a huge, luxury "toy" that only last year underwent a thorough redesign in terms of its technology and comfort. This SUV is the quintessence of stylish splendour, dedicated to those who wish to have everything at the same time: power, functionality, comfort, space, and luxury.

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