Carlex Design Interiors

There is something about our car interiors that makes them outshine the rest: it is the unique fusion of the untamed imagination of our designers and authentic handcraft. Indeed, a new dimension of interior creation. We make interiors you are bound to fall in love with at first sight…

Carlex Design Interiors

Custom car interiors

Upon special request of our customers, we personalise car interiors to create an atmospheric and intimate space. The designing process always begins with a thorough identification of the customer's needs and concepts. This knowledge allows us to translate our customer’s wishes into the language of functional art, and to give a new and distinctive soul to their vehicle. Our experts master all the tiniest details with utmost attention and respect for both art and materials, which allows for the materialisation of the boldest designs.

Carlex Design Interiors

Quality and safety

The vehicles we convert undergo a meticulous quality inspection, so that the vehicle owners can enjoy their new car interiors for many years to come.

At Carlex Design, artistry smoothly blends with utility and safety, which is our top priority. We hold certificates that guarantee the safe use of our interiors.

Carlex Design Interiors
Carlex Design Interiors
Carlex Design Interiors

Unique leathers

It is also the selection of materials that makes our interiors extraordinary and lavish. We never compromise on the quality of materials, as we always go for the finest certified automotive leather, original Italian Alcantara, and carefully selected exotic leathers.

Carlex Design Interiors



The conversion can involve:
The replacement of car interior materials while maintaining the original shape and mode of distribution of seams;
Full interior or selected interior parts, on the basis of a visualisation made by our designers. This type of conversion allows for any changes, including modification of the shape and the distribution of seams.


As part of our professional customer service, we offer door-to-door service across Europe. Once the design has been approved, we arrange the details with our customer, including the day on which the car will be collected from the agreed place. When the realisation is ready, which takes approximately three weeks, we bring the car back to the customer’s. We cooperate only with professional luxury car transportation companies, and we offer our customers 100% of comfort and safety.

Carlex Design Interiors
carlex design

Mateusz Habdas

sales manager

+48 798 988 706

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carlex design

Tomasz Kowol

sales specialist

+48 505 232 720

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