When the latest Cadillac Escalade entered the Carlex Design workshop, it crossed our mind that we could give vent to our deepest reservoir of imagination, as the Escalade is a huge, luxury "toy" that only last year underwent a thorough redesign in terms of its technology and comfort. This SUV is the quintessence of stylish splendour, dedicated to those who wish to have everything at the same time: power, functionality, comfort, space, and luxury.

In the latest version of the car, its exterior body line has gained a more sophisticated look, whereas the lighting, which resembles that of a jewellery atelier, has added a slightly dramatic character to the vehicle. The original interior of the Escalade involves a combination of leather and wood on the dashboard, the door panels, and the central console. One of the striking features is that the form of the stitching is an apparent allusion to the geometry of the car's massive grilles. Let's be frank: in its original version, the car's interior is truly amazing, but its interior is a lot more comfortable than luxurious.

It lacks the spot of uniqueness – a specific "hue" that would allow the car to stand out among all other vehicles of the same class.
We really enjoyed working on the Escalade, as we are really into challenge. We had to aim at a modification that would allow us to subtly underline the exclusive character of the car along with its functional features, express its owner's personality, and combine all of these factors harmoniously both in the technical and metaphorical dimension, as the interior wooden elements and the motifs they bear refer to a chordophone. These motifs have been carefully made in the Carlex Design jewellery atelier using the technique of plating silver flakes on wood. In addition, the rims of the wooden mouldings have been darkened, which has added a shade of depth to their overall look.

Next, the wood has been high gloss varnished in order to achieve perfect smoothness and proper elegance. The car's interior combines black leather of a variety of structures: plain, woven, or perforated with both subtle and rough stitching. The headliner, in turn, has been padded with Alcantara. The shape of the seats has been modified to match the car's original grilles. Their new design emphasizes the car's refined character and its rough exterior, whereas the white seat trimming and the steering wheel stitching delicately soften this amazing style symphony. We have planned the car's interior meticulously, and we hope you will like it.

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