Mercedes G-Class
by Carlex Design
Mercedes G-Class is originally a military vehicle top-ranked among the most in-demand cars since 1979. Though the times have changed, the car’s combat DNA has remained the same. The car’s rough, bulky silhouette is its characteristic feature, and the improved performance of this 4x4 off-roader, together with its agility, are really impressive. Especially after the conversion by Brabus.

The G-class vehicle is a perfect car for off-roading, but it is also able to penetrate all the corners of the city, which makes it a perfect car for both struggling with rugged terrain, and for everyday use. The car we have had a chance to work on will definitely not pass unnoticed, wherever it goes. Its massive lime body strikes a contrast with the greyness of the road.

The vehicle came to Carlex Design to have its interior converted, and it was a great pleasure to work on it, marking its rough and tough character. Our goal was to gain a sporty, modern look with accents alluding to the body colour. On the basis of the leading motif – the car’s boxy shape resembling a firing range – a matching rhombus pattern was designed. Most of the interior has been made of perforated Alcantara, which is always a perfect choice if you wish the interior to be the most comfortable it can be. There are also black leather inserts with perforated motifs, which have added a spot of high-end look to the interior. The leather inserts on the sides of the seats make the interior dynamic and make the seat seams stand out, as well as the embossed motifs on the headrests add to the overall personalised character of the car. The vehicle’s steering wheel, apart from its great look, needed to have the best grip, so it has been covered with Alcantara and perforated leather.

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