advantages of cooperation

We are one of the few companies that create exceptional styling designs of automotive, marine and aviation exteriors and interiors, and at the same time provide complete background for prototyping and manufacturing ready-to-assemble styling kits. We are perfectly aware of the importance of attractive design for the product's sales rates; therefore, we employ a team of the most talented designers, technologists, and production employees, and make sure the product is not only eye-catching but also complies with the strictest quality requirements.

We have our own design studio, and upholstery and RIM body kit production plants, thanks to which our production process is strictly supervised, and perfect final product quality is guaranteed. 


In cooperation with our business partners, we comply with the 2Q strategy (Quality & Quantity). Through the current development of small-series production, we can successfully combine quality and quantity, thanks to which we are a perfect business partner for entities that wish to launch their own limited edition products into the market with a set volume of small series production amounting to 50-7000 items annually.


Cooperation with Carlex Design is based on two simple principles:

Carlex Design elaborates a complete project for a product appointed by the Partner, produces a prototype, and executes final production and delivery of the styling elements and products determined in the project.

The Partner assembles the products in his own factory, and if he does not have a proper facility, Carlex Design provides him with fully equipped products. The Partner sells them in the market.


We strongly encourage companies whose main scope of professional activity is equipping or selling new vehicles, boats or aircrafts to cooperate with us. We can also realise first line production as a subcontractor.