In Carlex Design, we create unique upholstered boat interiors, modify almost all elements, glamorise them, and add an artistic value to them. Our designs are the fruit of the hard work of our top designers whose effort begins by grasping the customer's true needs and personality, which are then transformed into a concept that leads to the making of a unique boat interior.


We use a wide range of materials: leathers, Alcantara, and leatherette of various colours, structure and thickness, and we skilfully combine them for the purpose of each individual project. Each material has been duly certified to comply with top quality standards.

For our designers, each stitching or quilting is a way to give vent to their creativity. We use high quality machines that provide unlimited possibilities of making individual patterns on the upholstered elements of the interior.

Apart from boat interior design and manufacture, including professional upholstery and decorative elements, we can make unique loudspeaker casings and individual emblems, not to mention designing and manufacturing exceptional jewellery for our customers.