dodge challenger srt hellcat

Dodge challenger SRT Hellcat Steering Wheel

An idea is the beginning of all stories. It derives from thoughts that penetrate the depths of the human mind through the five senses. Our imagination is their greatest creation. Thanks to it, we dream, shape our future, and create visions that we then materialise with the everyday objects we use.

One of the greatest phenomena of the world is the creation of works of art that are the results of close cooperation of special people who are different, yet represent common values, resulting from individual experience and outlook on life.


This time the artistic basis for creative work was the interior of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Its modification was a big challenge due to the limited space and the complex form it has, as well as the fact that a car’s interior, apart from its aesthetic values, needs to be functional.


When a car interior design is created, the most important issue is the transformation of the idea of its originator into the language of shapes, lines, texture and materials. This process is preceded by not only the profound analysis and understanding of vehicle owner's expectations concerning the final effect, but also getting to know his story - penetrating his mind. The car’s character also plays a significant part.


Thus, the most important person who has a significant impact on the evolution of the masterpiece is the designer: both the link connecting all the elements and the creator of the work's visual side. He conveys the idea that later takes a physical form to the artists he cooperates with.

The person who began materialising ideas in this project was Konrad Łabędź. The artist took inspiration from Hans Rudolf Giger's surrealistic, diabolical and dark vision of reality. The design of the car, full of majestic elegance and mysteriousness combined with the car's impressive mechanics, made the designer decide the interior had to involve the element of medieval magic alchemy.


Artur Wochniak, a distinguished and famous artist, undertook to make a sculpture. The interior of the vehicle for which the sculpture was supposed to be created, was unknown, inspiring, and at the same time difficult for the artist..


As the entire project was pioneering, Wochniak changed sculpturing materials and tools, following his intuition and discovering new solutions and possibilities. Transforming a plain, two-dimensional design into a spatial form was a big challenge. The niches of the door panels have been transferred into a skeletal composition. The final stage of door panel works was searing that created the effect of a burnt structure, reflecting the diabolical character of the car.


Wood and sculpture are the essence of the entire project and, at the same time, the point of departure. The story of the wood sourcing is particularly interesting: the wood, naturally seasoned by alpine wind, for many days was rolled down a steep, wooded slope by a group of people, before it could be further processed.


The project owes its alluring beauty to the artists of the Carlex Design jewellery atelier: Michał Baran and Dariusz Pisula. The element of the project that is another truly amazing masterpiece is the steering wheel which was cast of solid silver on the basis of the sculpture by Wochniak. Next, it was handed over to the jewellers for precise retouching and patinating. Its shape alludes to an organic structure, perfectly completes the rest of the car’s interior, and is an outstanding jewellery element.


The car’s central panel, part of the central console and air vents were created with the use of a unique technique of surface structuring. Numerous elements were plated with flakes of silver of various forms and dimensions, next they were patinated and polished, as a result of which the effect of solidified lava was created, underlining the special spirit of the vehicle.


The gear shift knob was plated with silver, and the part on which the numbers of gears are placed, was made of resin and finished with silver and leather. The story of creation ends with the final finish of the car upholstery elements made of rare exotic leathers. The team of Witold Kopciuch, master of styling, is responsible for all the works concerning leather processing, applying on complex interior elements and sewing.


Similarly to the previous stages of the interior creation, working with the leathers was also a big challenge and required extreme precision, as each piece of leather or band was applied in such a way as to perfectly fit the form of the interior from the start.

Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Seat
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Interior
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Steering Wheel
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Interior
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Interior
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Interior
Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Car Keys

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